E-commerce photography

• Photo for e-commerce is an opportunity to acquaint a client with a product in detail without distracting elements.
• A neutral white background is used for this. We do not cut out the product, but immediately shoot it on white background, which makes the image as voluminous as possible.
• The most important thing in retouching is to convey the color, shape and material of the product in a natural way, so that the client’s expectation matches reality when ordering the product.
• We adjust the light individually for each type of product. The more photos you order, the lower the price for one photo.
•This service helps the client to choose the most suitable product from your assortment, so we will gladly and professionally perform it for you!
•You can order a photo for e-commerce by sending us a request, and we will contact you!
Снимка на бял фон на златен пръстен